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Natalia Moore

Natalia is a baby and toddler expert with over 10 years experience working with babies and parents. She enjoys teaching new parents how to care for babies and providing guidelines for nursing, parenting, and a variety of baby-care problems. Natalia is the founder of and runs a Facebook page titled “Funny Parenthood Memes”, dedicated to helping new mums embrace and enjoy every step on their journey through motherhood!

Articles by Natalia

The Benefits of Feeding Baby Naturally

The natural food of the human infant is breast milk and the mother should make every effort to suckle her baby. Breastfeeding is a natural process and is managed quite easily by the majority of mothers.

Tips For Nursing Baby

Babies, unfortunately, still don’t come with instructions, but in this article you’ll find a few tips gathered from experts to make preparing for nursing a little easier.
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