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10 Great Tips for a Successful Photoshoot with Baby

During the first few years of life, many parents photograph their little ones often to capture their ever-changing looks. However, babies can be unpredictable and sometimes challenging to photograph. Amazing photos of your baby work out best with a little planning and organization. Below are 10 great tips for a successful and fun photo-shoot with your little tot:

1. Time of Day

Choose a time of day that is most conducive to your baby’s natural wakefulness. Mornings or just after nap-time is ideal for catching smiles and the baby’s personality. If you’re hoping to catch a special pose, nap-time may be the best time of day for newborns.

2. Clothing

Keep it simple and classic. Choose outfits that are easy to get in and out of if you’re planning for outfit changes. Plan for only one or two. Avoid bold patterns and clothing with words on it.

If you’re doing family photos in conjunction with the photo shoot, be sure everyone is dressed in similar tones. Outfits can be fun. Some photography businesses may offer themed crochet costumes like dinosaurs or mermaids. There are so many options.

3. Props

Bring some of your child’s favorite toys to capture their attention. They may also want to hold a toy or special blanket. An instrument or song can help them get in a happy frame of mind.

4. Food/Snacks

Baby’s don’t always cooperate with your schedule; make sure they have a full belly so they'll be at their best. Snacks are helpful.

5. Lighting

Natural daylight is the best to photograph in. It gives a soft look to your baby’s skin. Use window lighting. It will cast fewer shadows.

6. Be Prepared to be “On”

Be prepared to play hide and seek, make funny faces and goofy sounds to capture your baby’s attention.

7. Backgrounds

Keep it simple. A professional looking photo can be captured if you drape a white, beige or gray cloth or sheet behind the baby.

8. Set the Stage

Get siblings to interact in a natural setting. It's the perfect moment for capturing special memories. Give them some books or toys to play with. Sit back and get ready to click the camera so you can catch that perfect shot.

9. Black and White

Get some classic shots by using a black or white background. These kinds of photos look stunning when you turn them from color to black and white in an editing program.

10.  Stabilizers

Use beanbags rather than a tri-pod to stabilize the camera. It’s easier to get down on the ground at the baby’s level. If possible use a silver or white reflector to bounce light. It will help you create that soft flattering look that you want.

When taking baby photos, have an assistant that will help you wrangle the baby back into place. Stay calm, cool, collected, and fast. The baby will be far more cooperative.

Be friendly and playful. The baby will follow your lead. Aim for taking more shots than you need. You'll probably have captured many treasured pics that you'll cherish.

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