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5 Ways to Soothe Baby

You hug and kiss and rock baby, and she still cries and cries. While many "experts', fellow parents and family members will offer you tips and advice, one method is not always going to work, every time.

So here are 5 great tips on how to soothe a crying baby; complete with videos to demonstrate just how to use the technique!

Tip #1: Dr. Hamilton's Hold

Tip #2: Wear Your Baby

Tip #3: Give A Calming Bath

Tip #4: Try Feeding Baby

Tip #5: Wolf Dog Howling

Ok, this one may or may not seem conventional but it sure seemed to work for this family! Puppy power!

No matter what method works, try them all and pay close attention to how your baby responds. If the crying does not subside, there may be health concerns or at best a poopy diaper to be changed! As always, consult your pediatrician and happy parenting!

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