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A mama who gave birth during the Covid Pandemic

Andrea, talk to us about your family

We are a family of 5 living in a community outside of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Our son Iver is 5, our daughter Gwen is 3, and our youngest Etta was born this April.

You gave birth in the midst of the corona virus pandemic; how was that experience? 

Delivering during the pandemic was surreal! I was nervous about what the situation would be like in the hospital. We felt extremely safe and cared for in the hospital. Prior to delivery I went through a grieving period, knowing my husband wouldn’t be allowed in the OR during delivery, knowing my older kids wouldn’t be allowed to visit us. In the end, the experience was so special. We had no visitors which allowed us to soak up all the cuddles and bond with our new baby. We feel really blessed to have had a baby during this time. Life has slowed down and so we have been able to cherish the moments.

Has the social distancing restrictions interfered with your extended family and friends meeting Etta? 

Because my parents were caring for our older 2 during our hospital stay, we made the decision to isolate with them. I couldn’t imagine doing it without their support. She hasn’t met most of our friends, 1 set of grandparents, and her aunts/uncles/cousins yet. We have really made use of FaceTime! The situation is what it is. It will be a great story in her baby book. 

What are your plans as a family for this summer?

A blessing in disguise, we are laying low this summer! We are forced to stay close to home, enjoy what we have, and explore the area that we live! 

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