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Creating Balance and Healthy Habits

Meet mama Lily!

Q: Lily, talk to us about your family, how old are your kids? 

Bella is 3 and Mikey is 2. They are 50 weeks apart. 

Q: You mentioned that fitness is a big part of your life.  How do you find the time to stay active with two young ones? 

I just fit it in where I can. Before I used to workout when they were napping but they are now currently at the age where they do not want to nap so I kind of make it fun and get them involved. My daughter especially loves to workout with mommy, so she's asking me daily if we can do yoga.

Q: Do you plan your workouts in advance or do you simply squeeze it in when you find a moment for yourself?

My workouts are planned ahead at the moment. I am a Beach Body health coach, currently hosting and also participating in monthly challenges that keeps me accountable.

Q: Why is it important for you to keep a balanced lifestyle. Kids, work, fitness. 

It keeps me sane. I've always needed a schedule to keep me organized. If there wasn't a schedule or a balance of everything I'd loose track of time/days. 

Q: What advice would you give to new moms who want to incorporate more healthy habits in their life?

Your kids are always watching you. You are their world. Whatever you do, they want to do it as well. Start a routine, start a workout program, but don't be afraid to fail because in your kid's eyes - you can not fail at anything. 


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