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Easier to Breastfeeding Success

Lacticups® is a US. Patented breastfeeding product created in 2014 by Clinical Lactation Consultant and mother. Diana O, the inventor of Lacticups, knew at first hand the struggles that mothers go through to overcome the challenges of breastfeeding, and decided to come up with a clever solution. Lacticups Essentials was created to help moms to overcome many of the challenges presented in early breastfeeding.

One of those challenges is the lack of confidence in their ability to provide enough milk production, which doesn’t allow mothers to solely breastfeed their babies.

Lacticups Essentials presents a solution by saving all the leaks that naturally happen throughout the day and night and normally get wasted on nursing pads.

Each Lacticups can collect up to 2.5 oz/time, which can turn into 4-12/day.

Thanks to its concave shape prevents friction on the sore nipples sore and also prevent engorgement by allowing the milk to flow out. These easy to conceal cups catch the milk instead of absorbing it, the day and night and normally get wasted on nursing pads. The milk is easy to pour out to refrigerate or freeze before nursing or pumping, that is every 2-3 hrs.

By passively saving those leaks without added effort, moms can save up to 46% more breastmilk, which can become a significant amount.

Lacticups® design is unique and specifically designed to collect breastmilk that can be saved to feed your baby later. The back part is made of soft flexible medical grade silicone, which molds to your breast. Lacticups are BPA and Phthalate free.

Lacticups are reusable and easy to wash. A box of Lacticups contains a set of 2 Lacticups, one for each breast.

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