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How I Bonded With My Baby Before She Was Born

by Allie Garcia

For as far back as I can remember, I imagined what it would be like to be pregnant. I would jokingly stuff a balloon under my shirt, or push out my stomach while standing sideways in front of the mirror, and picture what it would be like to be growing a human being inside my tummy.

When I became pregnant, I was surprised about how I felt less like I was growing a person and more like an alien was taking over my body. In our first ultrasound, my baby looked like a teeny tiny jellybean, so when I pictured the little one growing in my body - it was sort of just a bean with a face.


Throughout my pregnancy, I looked for ways to bond with my baby so that he/she/it was less like something that was happening to me and more like someone that I was getting to know. Here are some things that helped me bond with my baby-to-be:

 Bond with Baby Before Birth

  1. Talking to the baby. According to studies, babies can hear sounds as soon as 16 weeks, and start responding to sounds at around 24 weeks ( Knowing that I had a little companion throughout my pregnancy was one of the easiest ways to bond with her.
  2. Listening to music together. I created a birth playlist to listen to during my pregnancy and labor - it is a compilation of songs that would remind me of my future child and songs that she would react to while in the womb.
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