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Outdoor Play for Baby

In the spring and summer months, parents will want to allow baby to enjoy the great outdoors. But with nice weather, also brings seasonal allergies, pesky bugs and safety concerns for newborns and parents alike. Here are some essential tips for having a wonderful time outside with your baby.

Create a Safe Outdoor Setting:

If baby has shade, a comfortable space to play and nap, your outdoor adventure can begin! This upgrade to the traditional pack and playard pen has it all. The Play Yard Cabana from PRIMO Baby offers sun and bug protection, vented mesh and a waterproof floor. Best of all, the cabana comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to use right away for your day at the beach or park.

Primo Baby Cabana

Provide Sun Protection:

Babies have sensitive skin; so naturally, reduced sun exposure is key for health and comfort. In addition to infant approved sunscreen, parents should provide protective clothing when traveling outdoors. There are several adorable UV Blocking shirts, hats and sunglasses on the market! And don’t forget the umbrella stroller!

Pick Fun Toys:

Choose some great outdoor toys that your baby will love. Even if they are still too little to walk, there are great, colorful toys that baby can sit with in the grass! Think of bubbles, water play or a favorite ball. Your baby will enjoy the sunshine and sweet weather – and get tired out! 

Allow Exploration:

Nature is baby’s friend. In all seasons, the senses get an overload and the sounds and sights catch baby’s interest. In the garden, allow your child to touch the plants and vegetables and get down into the dirt. If you wear your baby in a carrier, present them flowers to smell or introduce them to their first taste of a light rainfall (your baby won’t melt!).

Enjoy being in the elements and have a wonderful time introducing your little one to the world outside.

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