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Reclaiming Myself: 10 Goals to Tackle

by Rachael Moshman

We've now settled into the new year. Did you set New Year's Resolutions? And if so, how are you doing with them?

Not so great, right? That's what happens to almost all of us. Each and every year.

So why on earth do we keep setting them?  Join me and throw them out the window.

Right now.

Go ahead.

Open the window and toss them out.


Let's make some goals instead. Goals to reclaim ourselves.  I've gotten so wrapped up in being a mother I feel like I've completely lost my own identity along the way.  

Here are some ideas for becoming more than a mom again.

1. Go to the bathroom alone at least once a day.  

Shut the door.  Lock it.  Do your business in peace. 

Or just sit on the floor criss cross applesauce and pretend you are doing gross, stinky stuff so everyone should stay clear.  Your call.  Work your way up to showering - or even a bubble bath! - all alone.  Solitary bathroom time is a basic human dignity.  Let's take it back for ourselves this year!

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