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Space-Themed Nurseries

by Winita Frederick

It might be the buzz around the latest Star Trek movie or just the calming effect of star gazing on a summer night, but space-themed nurseries are in style! Constellations, Planets, and galaxies with these stellar designs that will inspire babies to reach for the stars while also evoking the calm of a clear night sky when its bedtime!

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Check out some of the looks below!

1. Space-Themed Nursery via Lemon Drop Life

George's Stellar Nursery via Project Nursery

This stellar nursery is absolutely classic. We love that the designer kept it simple with the furniture and used wall decals and an old-school mobile to set the tone for the room.

2. George's Constellation Nursery via Project Nursery

George's Constellation Nursery via Project Nursery

This nursery features a constellation print accent wallpaper that compliments solid drapes. We love the open, airiness of this design!

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3. Astronomical/logical-themed nursery via Child Mode

Orbital Mobile from Restoration Hardware via Child Mode

This nursery takes an astrological perspective, with the zodiac signs highlighted in a minimalist design. This is a great idea if you're planning to reuse the nursery for future kids. No matter what month baby is born in, this backdrop will fit. The Orbital mobile is a nice touch for any cosmos-themed room, as well.

4. Reed's Starry Retreat via Honey and Fitz

Reed's Starry Retreat via Project Nursery

This design from Honey & Fitz is so open and refreshing, just like the night sky! We love the eclectic inclusion of zoo animals, stripes, and astronomical accents of the ceiling detail.

5. Space-Themed Nursery Art from Parade & Company

Space-themed nursery from Parade

We love this sharp and modern nursery design. The chevron rug perfectly highlights the coral pink crib and the playful triptych from Parade & Company that hangs above.

These nurseries are great inspiration for any number of combinations of patterns, prints, and colors. The deep hues that are often conjured up when we think of the cosmos go well with almost anything-metallics, earth tones, stripes, and stars are all great options for designing your own stellar nursery. The versatility of space-themed nurseries lends itself to gender neutral nursery themes, as well.

Check out these 35 Out-of-This-World Ideas for A Space-Themed Nursery from Buzzfeed for more inspiration!

Winita is a staff writer at Scooterbay Publishing Inc. She has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and worked as a library assistant and elementary school tutor throughout college. When she's not writing, she enjoys outdoor exercise, reading at the library, and spending time with family and friends.

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