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The New iBaby Monitor M6S

High Tech Baby Monitors in the New Age
by Jennifer McLaughlin

High Tech Baby Monitors Offer Parents an HD Experience

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Baby monitors are an essential item for parents, giving them the ability to hear and see their children in a separate room of the house. Caregivers can listen in on activity while tending to other tasks, view the nursery while baby sleeps or keep an eye on the living room while toddlers play. Monitors offer peace of mind and a break from the need to have constant physical supervision of your children.

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In the past, baby monitors were audio only and relied on two-way radio technology. Current high tech baby monitor models boast many new features that include high-definition video recording, the ability to sense temperature and chemical levels and even have LED Mood lighting and white noise capabilities. iBaby has three models that are packed with features catering to parents’ and caretakers’ desires.

High Tech Baby MonitorsThe iBaby Monitor M6S is iBaby’s latest video baby monitor that is controlled from your iOS or Android mobile device. It offers exceptional video quality with a 1080p camera, night vision, and 360° view. This wireless video baby monitor allows parents to not only hear their baby, but also talk with the monitor’s two-way audio and echo cancellation.

iBaby Monitor M6S stands out, with its fast installation process, user-friendly app interface, support for both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz routers, and an air quality sensor. You can also share video feed access with an unlimited number of users, while controlling privacy settings. This video baby monitor also plays lullabies and short stories at the touch of a finger.

iBaby offers all of the things modern parents are looking for in a high tech baby monitor. Convenience, security, and high definition video sharing.

Learn more about iBaby Monitor M6S and order yours today!

Jennifer is a former special education teacher and mentor. She obtained her bachelor's degree at Kent State University in Ohio. She enjoys dancing, reading and spending time training her dog, BrunoMars. 

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