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Medication and Pregnancy

In the days before your pregnancy, you could just go into a clinic and walk out with a prescription to solve your problem. When you’re carrying a baby, it becomes a lot more complicated. If you’ve ever had a friend, sister, or co-worker who had a difficult pregnancy, you know that the options for safe medications during pregnancy can be few and far between. If this prospect worries you, we’ve got some suggestions for how to seek safe medications during pregnancy.

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The first rule to consider when discerning safe medications during pregnancy is to never prescribe anything yourself. Don't buy any drugs or medicines for yourself over the counter without first checking with your doctor, a midwife or an approved pharmacist. A quick Google search will tell you that Acetaminophen (Tylenol and Shake that Ache) are safe medications during pregnancy, but it’s still best to talk to your doctor before starting any new medications.

Even if you’re just visiting the urgent care after a series of tension headaches, always tell a health professional that you are pregnant. With that awareness in mind, they will be able to give you their best advice based upon the balance of any possible risks to your baby against your own health needs. 

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Also check with your doctor, a pharmacist, or a qualified herbalist before taking any herbal treatments.

Be sure you address untreated health issues, as well. Our bodies are complex organisms. Even conditions that seem completely unrelated to pregnancy, such as anxiety, depression, and poor digestion can affect you and your baby’s well being. If you’re having any issues, be it muscular pain, migraines, diabetes, insomnia, or inexplicable fatigue, bring it up with your doctor. They may be able to suggest safe medications during pregnancy, a different dietary plan or at least exercise options to improve your quality of life.

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