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The Importance of First Walker Footwear

A child’s foot is very different than an adult’s foot. When a child begins walking, they need a shoe specifically designed for them — a shoe built to promote healthy foot development and walking skills.

The foot hasn’t yet fully developed when a child starts to walk. Fat pads protect soft cartilage in young feet and the bones are just starting to fuse. The foot is highly malleable, but as the foot grows and bones begin to harden, the fat pads begin to disappear. These early stages of foot development are important, as the foot needs to form naturally without any restrictions (like ill-fitting footwear).

For over 20 years, See Kai Run has studied children’s feet and has carefully considered every detail that goes into a child’s shoe.In First Walkers, this means having a broad toe box so the big toe can wiggle, which builds tendon and muscle strength, which in-turn, helps cultivate balance, gait, and stride. All See Kai Run First Walker shoes are lightweight and flexible, which encourages feet to grow naturally.

A durable toe cap and a flexible outsole made to grip, are all important in supporting healthy foot formation.Featuring sneakers, active shoes, booties, and dress styles, See Kai Run First Walkers have something for everyone. Check out to find your little one’s perfect style and get them off on the right foot.

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