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Warmies® has been providing soothing warmth and comfort to Moms and their little ones for over 25 years. Warmies® was founded on a very simple premise, that everyone must experience comfort in their everyday life. Warmies® microwave-safe plush are fully heatable, incredibly comforting, and feel amazing.

Warmies® are filled with natural flaxseed and real dried French lavender. Flaxseed has great heat retention characteristics and is wonderful as a filling in stuffed animals. Warmies® uses the softest and finest fabrics, very luxurious and so nice to the touch. But the secret sauce is French lavender. For centuries, lavender has been synonymous with tranquility, relaxation, serenity, soothing, and calm. Warmies® contain just the right amount of REAL dried French lavender. Combine all these things in a super cute stuffed animal that is safe for all ages, and you are in for a real treat!

Just warm in a microwave for 60 seconds to provide soothing warmth and aromatic comfort.  Warmies® are great stress and anxiety relievers, calming sleep aids, perfect for keeping you warm on a chilly night, and are naturally weighted to provide a relaxing sensory experience.  

Warmies® plush are safe for all ages and all our products meet and exceed all U.S. safety standards. Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Teenagers, Adults, EVERYONE loves, and can’t resist, Warmies®.  

Quick Facts:
• Simply Warm a Warmies® Stuffed Animal in a Microwave
• Soothes, Warms, and Comforts
• Scented with Real, Dried French Lavender
• Chill in a Freezer for Cooling Relief
• Safe for All Ages
• Size: 13”
• Weight: 2lbs

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