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11 Fun Things to Do When You’re Pregnant

by Rebecca Eanes

So, you’re pregnant! You are positively glowing! This will be an amazing time that you’ll never forget. You’ll have lots of planning and preparing to do, but don’t forget to have fun along the way! I’ve rounded up 11 fun things to do while you’re pregnant, so as soon as your tummy settles and you can come out of the bathroom, pick something from this list and get to it!

  1. Get a belly cast made. These are a special way to commemorate your pregnancy. Have one made during the end of the third trimester, or have a series made to document your growing bump. Here are the instructions for making a pregnant belly cast from
  2. This is really the only time you can turn your belly into an artistic masterpiece without looking really strange, so go for it! Get a henna tattoo or have your bump painted. We’ve all seen the pumpkin belly, but there are so many creative ways to decorate your beautiful belly. Check out these beautiful belly paintings from
  3. Get a professional photo shoot. Go ahead and take lots of selfies of your growing bump, but for beautiful photos that capture your glow, schedule an appointment with a professional. Here are some maternity pose ideas for you.
  4. Create a pregnancy scrapbook. This is a great place to showcase ultrasound photos, baby name ideas, and other memorabilia. If a paper scrapbook is too daunting, try digital scrapbooking. I love to look back at my pregnancy scrapbooks, and my kids love looking at them, too. Look at these great scrapbooking ideas from SheKnows.
  5. Have a gender reveal party! Is it a boy or a girl? Unless you plan on keeping the baby’s gender a secret, plan a really cute and fun reveal party to tell all of your family and friends. R.A.F.T has 25 party ideas here.
  6. Go for a themed baby shower! How about an 80’s prom or a camping theme? Babble has 10 unique ideas listed here.
  7. Track your baby’s development week by week. Look at 3D photos and videos online to see how much your baby is growing every day. Pregnancy.or has weekly photos, and you can find many videos and 3D images with a simple search.
  8. Go on a maternity clothes shopping spree. Forget your partner’s over-sized sweatshirts. Determine your maternity style and rock it! Stylecaster has 40 outfit ideas here.
  9. Make awesome pregnancy announcement cards for a creative and fun way to tell the world that your family is growing! Look at these ideas from Pampers for some inspiration.
  10. Go on a date night with your partner. They’ll be harder to come by after baby arrives! Check out these 5 fun dates for pregnant moms by
  11. Document your pregnancy in unique and creative ways. Use weekly chalkboard signs or write letters to your baby each month and put them in a keepsake box. Babycenter has 20 awesome ideas in this post.
Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


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