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5 Ways To Feel At Home During Your Hospital Birth

by Allie Garcia

Hospital Birth

For many reasons, my husband and I decided that a hospital birth was the best decision for our family. However, I wanted to labor and birth in an environment that felt safe, inviting, and comforting, as this would be the first glimpse that my little girl would have of life outside of the womb.

Here are 5 ways that you can create a welcoming, peaceful, environment in the midst of the sterile atmosphere of the hospital:

1. Create a Birth Playlist:

Include songs that you love, that bring you peace or relax you, or songs that remind you of the sweet babe you are about to meet! Plug in your Ipod dock, and let the sweet sounds set the mood for your labor and your little one’s first moments of life.

2. Make a Birthday Banner to Hang on the Wall:

I had one made for my best friend and hung it up as her focal point during pushing. It was a great reminder about the precious gift awaiting, after all of her hard work! 

3. Wear Your Own Hospital Gown:

One of the most thoughtful gifts that I was given during my pregnancy was an adorable hospital gown. It made me so happy not to have to wear the faded, blue, hospital gown that was the standard at our local hospital.

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