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5 Ways To Feel At Home During Your Hospital Birth

by Allie Garcia

Feel At Home During Your Hospital Birth

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4. Bring Your Own Receiving Blanket and Hat for Baby:

All across America, the first pictures of new life are taken while baby is swaddled in a blue and white striped receiving blanket and matching newborn hat. Lately, hospitals have gotten slightly more updated, and are now donning babies in orange elephants, which is cute- but not unique. Most hospitals will be happy to oblige in putting your new bundle of joy in their own blanket and tiny hat from home!

5. Create Comfortable Lighting:

Why not labor in lighting that makes you the most comfortable? While many hospitals will not allow candles, you can bring battery operated candles. Using a string of white, twinkling, lights, or even lanterns, can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the sterile environment. However, do expect to have the glaring overhead lights on during the actual delivery.

Most importantly, do what makes you feel the most comfortable. Write your preferences into your birth plan and have your doctor sign off. Once the precious life that grew inside of your body is brought into the world, everything around you will fade away and you will be captivated by the best sights and sounds possible - your beautiful baby!

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Allie Garcia has worked for the last seven years in the field of special education as teacher, mentor and online instructor. She has a masters degree in special education and was awarded as Clark County School District's New Teacher of Year. In January 2014, her life was forever changed by the birth of her baby, Mila Skye. On most days, Allie can be found changing diapers, having kitchen dance parties, and laughing at toddler antics with her sweet husband and crazy puppy in Henderson, Nevada.

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