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Product Review: MediBag First Aid Kit

When you are spending more time outdoors with your children, do you remember to always keep a first aid kit handy? Are you ready to disinfect those scraped knees or treat bee stings while you're out and about? No matter the season,  are you prepared? 

We recommend the MediBag by me4kidz. It's an adorable first aid kit you can quickly personalize to fit your family's needs.

In addition to being absolutely charming with the animal characters on the front of the bag, it is proudly made in the USA. They also give back to the community by donating products and partnering with non-profit organizations to humbly provide consistent work for those of various disabilities.

Find out more at:

If you would like to add more to your kit, or you're ready to put one together, here are the recommended supplies.

Top 20 Basic Supplies for your first aid kit:

1. Bandages in assorted sizes (including finger, knee and elbow sizes)
2. Gauge pads
3. Sting free antiseptic solution or wipes
4. Hand sanitizer
5. Burn relief cream
6. Sting relief cream
7. Antibiotic ointments
8. Scissors and tweezers
9. Instant cold packs
10. Cotton balls/cotton-tipped swabs
11. Disposable latex or synthetic gloves, at least two pair
12. Petroleum jelly or other lubricant
13. Plastic bags for disposal of contaminated materials
14. Thermometer
15. Aloe Vera gel
16. Anti-diarrhea medication
17. Calamine lotion
18. Oral antihistamine, such as Benadryl
19. Fever and pain relief
20. Personal medications that do not require refrigeration

Helpful Hint: Weigh small children regularly, as it is more accurate to administer medicine by weight and not by age.

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